Friday, 12 February 2010

Finding The Right Botox Training Course
So you've made that decision to do the training to give Botox. So what now? How do you choose which course? There's a lot of courses out there. The answer is to do your research. Ask around, word of mouth is definitely the best guide. I will give you my recommendations at the end of this blog. Look at their website. Do they have any customer testimonials? How much are they charging? (Too cheap is probably worse than too expensive). You will soon get an idea of what the going rate is. Basic Botox training for one day is approximately £600.00. Look at what they are offering and make sure there is a good practical session in the afternoon with plenty of opportunity to practice on models. Find out if you have to bring a model with you or if they supply the models. Where is the course? Have you got to travel to London and pay for overnight accommodation? Do the training company travel up and down the country so that you can find a venue near to you? Do they have tutor profiles? If so, do the tutors sound as if they have plenty of experience?
Most nurses who train to give Botox also train to give dermal fillers. You will find yourself disadvantaged if you can only give Botox and not dermal fillers as the two go hand in hand. You need to budget for doing both courses. Some companies offer a discount if you book for two courses at the same time. Again you need to ensure the training course allows plenty of practical sessions, in fact even more so for dermal fillers as the technique to administer a dermal filler is difficult to master at first.
Beware of weekend courses offering multi-training (botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, lip enhancements and dental blocks). They do exist and although you will eventually want to learn all these skills, doing it all in one weekend will over face you and you will come away confused and proficient in nothing. You cannot possibly learn all the practical skills in one weekend. You need to be confident in the art of giving a dermal filler into the naso-labial folds before you are proficient enough to give it into the lips. Lips are hard at times for the best of us and you really need to know what you are doing, how a dermal filler reacts under the skin, how to mould it and how to anticipate what a dermal filler will look like in different people's faces. Lips are definitely not the place to be learning these skills!
Once you have done your training you will need some support and ideally mentorship (I offer mentorship for anyone near enough, see Friends and family can make good models for you to acquire your new found skills on! They get the treatment at cost (a big saving) and you gain some confidence and all important experience. I will be doing some future blogs on specific clinical skills and am happy to answer any questions you have.
If you are not an independent prescriber, do not be put off. There are ways around this and I will talk about what to do in a later blog.
OK, so you have done your training. So how do you start to get some clients? Read my next blog and I will give you some valuable tips....!
 My recommendations for good training companies based on personal experience are:

Good luck!


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  2. hi just been looking at your blog regarding botox and im interested in going on a course, i have contacted a few companies to ask advice as im am concerened that once i complete the course i wont be able to find anyone to write the prescriptions for me. I would apprectiate any ideas you may have or is this included in the course? Thanks, lisa

  3. Hi Lisa

    Here at we can often find a solution for nurses to find a prescriber. Why not give Davinder a call on 0845 643 2008 and discuss this and our training courses.


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